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Mason DJ’ed our wedding and did a fantastic job. We had a lot of rain and had to make some adjustments. Mason was very flexible and transitioned with ease! Besides being an awesome dj, Mason and his fiance are fantastic people and strive to make you day the best they can! I met Mason while singing for a friends wedding. He did a great job with the live sound in addition to the dj announcing and song transitions. We have continued to recommend him and other friends have used him. He never disappoints! -Krystal King

Mason you were SO awesome!! We can’t thank you enough!!     -Hannah Bossut

Awesome DJ. I highly recommend Mason for your events. He plays music that you can actually dance too. -Jenny Garner

Mason was great to work with, very friendly and nice! He helped make everyone feel comfortable to dance and have fun, everyone from the event mentioned to me how awesome he was and loved that he was dancing too! 10/10. -Candace Reid

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